This is the biggest earth sculpture in the UK

“Sultan the pit pony”, is the name of this massive sculpture. This sculpture is created by an artist called Mick Petts. And this massive sculpture is 650 feet long. It is created to recall the ponies who were used in carrying coal between the 18th and 20th centuries.

This massive sculpture earned its name after the famous pony of Penallta Pits, “Sultan”. This sculptures contains around 60,000 tons of coal remembering the final release of these hard working ponies into mountain-side.

More info & photo credits: Godly Creature.

01. This beautiful piece of art is located in caerphilly of South Wales and fits perfectly with nature.

02. This art sculpture, “Sultan the Pit Pony” is the biggest art sculpture recorded in the UK.

03. The artwork is created for the Parc Panellta with the groundwork caerphilly.

04. All the shades, elements are contrasts All the shades, depths, elements, and contrasts are achieved by Natural elements of Earth, Coal, Shale, and Stone.

05. This huge sculpture actually does honor the hardworking Pit Ponies of the past.

06. The sculpture was created using 60,000 tons of coal shale, along with stone and earth.

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