Top 10 most expensive cheeses in the world

What do you think are the most expensive cheeses in the world? Let’s find out about the most exotic tasty and most expensive cheeses in the world. 

Everyone is familiar with cheese and most people love to eat cheese. It’s a common ingredient in most meals. Everyone knows the common cheeses such as American, Provolone, and Swiss. But there’s a lot of varieties of cheese out there in the world which are judged on several traits including taste, aroma, and even aesthetic appearance. 

There are even gourmet cheese judges and competitions that rank cheese by even more criteria. Although cheese has appreciated all around the world. France will always remain the home of the best gourmet cheeses. 

1. Pule or Serbian Donkey Cheese – $500 per pound 

Pule or Serbian Donkey Cheese

Pule cheese is the most expensive cheese in the world. It is Pule or Serbian Donkey Cheese. Pule is also known in the Serbian tongue as “Magareci” and it is the world’s rarest and most expensive cheese with an average price of around $500 per pound. 

It’s also known as Serbian Donkey cheese and it is actually made from donkey milk. This is one of the many reasons why it is such expensive cheese. It takes 25 liters of donkey milk to make 1 kilo of the cheese. And it can only be authentically crafted by expert cheesemakers in Serbia, who have been producing this product for centuries. 

But 60% of the cheese is made with donkey milk, the remaining 40% is actually produced by goats. So it makes for an interesting mix. It’s typically produced in cupcake-sized pieces which makes it more affordable. This is a crumbly delicacy and you owe yourself to try it at least once. So that you can tell people you’ve eaten the most expensive cheese in the world. 

2. White Stilton Gold – $450 per pound 

You know a slice of cheese is elegant when it contains real specks of gold in it. White Stilton Gold cheese is $95 per slice and about $450 per pound. Think of this as an opulent version of the already pricy and rare stilton cheese.

This is an English cheese historically, and it comes with both blue and white and both are well known for their pungent smell and taste. What makes this cheese rare is that, besides the gold specks, is that it can only be produced by very strict standards in England. Actually, it makes only 3 counties in England. Lister, Derby, and Nottingham. 

3. Wyke Farms Vintage Cheddar Cheese – $200 per pound 

With a price tag of $200 per pound, this is obviously not the average everyday cheddar that you see at the supermarket. The Wyke farms vintage cheddar is aged 15 months and is sold by the pound or sometimes in other increments if you’re a member of a certain club. It offers a unique and bold taste that is so charismatic of this unique blend of cheddar. 

4. Extra Old Bitto – $150 per pound 

China is known historically for many things. But few people would think of it as being a producer of one of the world’s most expensive cheeses. In fact, the 2000 years old recipe for Extra Old Bitto, also makes it currently considered the world’s oldest type of cheese. With this expensive batch being produced in 1997. That means the oldest pieces of cheese produced 21 years ago. And are currently found in China. 

It’s supposedly only sold to Chinese citizens. But of course, all types of cheese can be considered old. As it takes an amazing ten years just for the cheese to mature. 

5. Caciocavallo Podolico – $50 per pound 

The name of Caciocavallo Podolico translates to “horse cheese”. It is made of a very rare breed of cow which makes it a candidate for one of the world’s most expensive cheeses. 

While Caciocavallo is a fantastic cheese in itself, the strain that comes from a unique Podolico variety is the most expensive. These cows don’t produce very much milk due to the lack of water in their native region, which makes the cheese more difficult to find and naturally harder on the wallet. 

The region is, however, vital for the development of this cheese as the cow’s diet consists of alcoholic fennel and myrtle which has a strong influence on the taste of the cheese. 

6. Old Ford – $50 per pound 

Old Ford is a unique goat cheese that’s aged to perfection, usually because goats do not produce as much milk as cow’s, goat cheese is not aged very long. So this type breaks the mold a little bit by being a hand-pressed cheese that is aged. 

It’s a laborious and time-consuming task. So all things consider the price tag is equal to the work that goes into it. It’s best known for its uniqueness. That is described as earthy and floral. 

At $50 per pound, it may be expensive but not out of the question of the average person who wants to give it a try and it will be a great idea to pair a pricy wine with that cheese for the ultimate experience. 

7. German Epoisses – $45 per pound 

German Epoisses is known for being one of the most pungent and runniest of cheeses. But it has a firm core as well. While other types of Epoisses have a strong scent and salty flavor. You will find the German brand is a bit less salty. And posses more of a fruity flavor. 

It has a rather short aging period of only weeks. Where it is cured in humid cellars and then rinsed in Marc de Bourgogne (Pomace Brandy)

It is available on the web for $45 per pound. 

8. Jersey Blue – $40 per pound 

This is another $40 per pound of cheese. Jersey Blue cheese is made from the raw milk of Jersey cows formed into a whitish dome with blue veins running through it. 

The cheese is made by hand and the veins are created by landing the curds into a mold which creates pockets. It gains a particularly musty aroma because it’s aged in called cellars. 

However, once it is cut, it produces a clean and even tangy scent. This cheese is a product of Will Schmidt who has run the dairy farm since 2006. He says he ages these cheeses about ten weeks or sometimes longer if the blue veins have not yet formed. 

Although the cheese was originally produced in the UK, it’s now manufactured in Switzerland it can be eaten either new or aged. Fresh Jersey Blue is buttery but then aged and dried out its distinct flavors really come out. 

9. Cacio Bufala – $40 per pound 

This Italian cheese offers a unique taste of the Mediterranean draw curd cheeses. It’s actually made using pasteurized water buffalo milk. The curd is drained in such a manner it follows. The natural maturing process. It’s matured in the caves of the region for a period of up to a year. The result is a drum-shaped ivory yellow colored cheese and it features the flavorful taste of buffalo milk. 

It’s said that this cheese literally melts in your mouth. This makes sense as buffalo milk has twice the fat of cow’s milk so the result is a very creamy cheese and with rare water buffalo milk as its main ingredient, it’s no wonder that it comes in at $40 per pound. 

10. Rogue River Blue – $40 per pound 

Rogue river blue cheese is a seasonal cheese that can only be produced in summer. It is one reason why it costs $40 for a pound of this cheese.

An interesting fact about the production of this cheese is that it’s made with aged grape leaves soaked in pear brandy. 

This gives it a unique range of flavors that have been described as fruity and spicy, with hints of hazelnut, blackberry, vanilla, chocolate, and even bacon. 

The paste crystallizes with time giving it more of distinct quality. It will also be the single cheese on this list that is been produced originally in the US. int the state of Oregon to be more precise. Since 1930. 

Although it’s been around a long time, it’s only recently gained worldwide attention when it won the 2003 world cheese awards in London. 

So these are the top 10 most expensive kinds of cheese in the world. But you can’t actually judge a cheese by its cost alone. Take the time to actually enjoy the cheeses and other foods when you’re at a high-end restaurant or grocery store. So you can be a cheese judge too. 

Would you be willing to pay such a high price for cheese or do you think it’s better just to stick to more common varieties?

Cheese facts 

Do you know that the people of Greece ear more cheese annually than any other country? France may be the most well known for its cheeses but the United States produces the most cheese than any other country. 4 million metric tons per year. But its actually the people of Greece who claim the top spot for cheese consumption every year. France exports over $2.5 billion in cheese products every year and the large portion of that goes to Greek people. Each eat an average of 69.5 pounds of cheese every year.

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