10 reasons why you should build your own PC

There are a lot of reasons to build your own PC. If you look into a couple of different builders, all of them might have a completely different reason for wanting to get this task. But you have your own reasons and requirements to achieve from your PC. 

So we make a list of 10 reasons why you should consider building and enjoy building your own PC, according to your required shape and size, for gaming, media, or work. 

You can pick exactly the components you need 

You can keep spending money and keep shopping, and you will certainly find a pre-built PC that suits your requirements. But the problem is many of us have a budget. Many of us can only spend a limited amount of money on a PC. So finding a perfect off-the-shelf PC that fulfills all your requirements and specifications will be quite hard. 

So, what you can do is build your own PC. That way you can pick exactly the right parts you want that will match your specifications. And also you can match, upgrade, and modify your PC according to your requirements. 

The satisfaction factor 

Building something for ourselves is one of the best feelings and satisfactions in life. Nowadays, many people don’t get a chance to build something for themself. Successfully planning and building something with your own hands is a great feeling that we all must get. 

Building your own PC is something that seems complicated but it is not. Even if you do not manage to save a huge amount of money, and massive savings aren’t always possible in today’s world of cheaper and cheaper pre-built systems, the satisfaction you get by building a PC certainly makes up for it. 

You can take advantage of deals 

If you are clever and keep shopping around, picking the right time to buy, and are prepared to perhaps wait a while for something to be reduced, you can definitely be able to get the advantage of super deals and you will get more bang for your buck by building your own PC. 

If we searched online and keep ourselves updated about the computer peripherals market we will be able to catch huge deals from flash sales. But if you are buying a pre-built PC that deals go to the builder or that business that got those parts for sale price. But they will charge the regular price from you. 

You can understand your PC better

Building your own personal computer is a great learning process. You’ll get to learn new techniques and skills that in the future, will help you to use your PC more confidently and efficiently throughout its usable life. 

Even if you won’t suddenly become an expert PC engineer, you’ll understand how your PC works more clearly and you’ll be able to be in a better position to notice if something goes wrong later. 

And you’ll get the knowledge to upgrade the PC easily and accurately, without any hassle. 

You can spread the cost

If you are going to build your own PC, you can spread the cost of the parts without getting out of cash. You can just buy a component each month for six months and by the end of six months, you might have almost everything you need to build your PC. At least you will have all the major parts. So that way you’ll be able to manage your monthly budget while spending money on PC components. 

You can buy the parts that you need in any order. But remember leave the processor, motherboard, and graphics card for last. Because those are the ones most likely to see technology updates over a small time period. 

You can arrange better cooling in your PC

Even fairly cheap cases now come up with cable management options and with several places to add fans. This means that you can tuck away the PSU cables so that they do not impede airflow and you can add more fans later for increased cooling too. 

If you buy a mid-tier case, then you will typically get 2 or 3 fans, and maybe you’ll get more fans with a high-end one. Having good airflow, a heatsink for the CPU and a graphics card with a good cooler means that all your components will be well cooled. That means better longevity. 

You can avoid Bloatware 

If you buy a pre-built PC, especially from one of the large chain brands, it is likely to have some unnecessary software pre-installed. Some of that software can be helpful but most of the time they are not. 

You will then either have to spend time cleaning this stuff off if you are even initially aware it is there, or live with it on your PC. 

But when you build your own PC, you get to choose what you are going to install into it. 

You get better OS options 

You can utilize a slightly older OS. One thing holding a lot of people back from a new computer is the reluctance to adopt Windows 10 and previously, Windows 8. Today, whether you want it or not,  retailers sell the vast majority of their new hardware with Windows 8 or 10 preinstalled. 

But, building your own PC offers the ability to load on your preferred Windows 7, If you would rather stick with the familiar OS. Windows 10 if you are ready to make the jump or GNU/Linux if you really want something different. 

You can pick the perfect casing 

You can always buy pre-built PCs in a fairly wide range of styles, from LED-lit gaming towers to tiny media boxes. But, if you want a case that is more unusual, finding a pre-built computer that satisfied the need is much harder. 

So if you plan your own build, you’ll have the power to select almost any of the thousands of different cases available in the market. You can buy casings from bright colored statement towers to camouflage-painted portable LAN boxes. 

Building your PC yourself is fun 

Owning a PC that was built by yourself is fun. Receiving the component packages, unboxing and opening the packages, putting things together, and building the PC while learning about the right component what goes where, and assembling things together. 

And if you want you can document the process and upload it to youtube also. Maybe something big is going to happen to you. 

You get to discover new tricks for routing cables better or learning about the faster type of transfer cables becomes exciting. 

You’ll love your new rig more than you love a PC bought from a store. Because it took beyond mere hardware ownership bestows hardware familiarity and also you put your money and time to build something and also learn some new skills. And that’s so fun. 

So these are the reasons why you should build your own PC. So what do you think about building your own PC? Leave a comment.

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