19 insects that look scary and amazing if you see them under the microscope

Do you ever wonder how many creatures there are on this planet? And how many of them are visible to our naked eye? Do you ever think that how many creatures are hidden in the most unexpected places, without anyone being able to find them or see them? 

Here I’m talking about microscopic creatures. Even though a creature is visible to our naked eye, it might be small enough that we don’t even notice them. Some creatures are harmless, but some creatures can harm us. 

From the pictures below you’ll get to see microscopic images of some of those little creatures. You’ll be surprised to see how amazing as well as how scary they look.

Image Credits and more info: pawsplanet

#1 Zebrafish Larvae

#2 Ant’s Butthole

#3 Head Louse

#4 Caterpillar

#5 Deep Ocean Worm

#6 Zebrafish Embryo

#7 Tardigrade

#8 Tadpole

#9 Wasp

#10 Marine Worm

#11 Deep Sea Worm

#12 Maggot

#13 Sludge Worm

#14 Wooly Bear Caterpillar

#15 Water Bear

#16 Bristle Worm

#17 Whitefly

#18 Ant

#19 Mealworm

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