How Cheese is Made?

When we talk about cheese, almost everyone’s immediate reaction is “I love cheese”. Cheese is one of the most famous and favorite foods all around the world. One of the things that makes cheese so impressive is that there are so many different types of cheese. 

But when it comes to making cheese it is said that the better the milk, the better the cheese. And making cheese is a very labor-intensive physical job. 

How Flagship Cheese is Made?

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The entire cheese-making process takes around five hours. First, the milk should be pasteurized. This is how a cheese maker described the cheese-making process. 

“So, we pasteurize our milk, fill our vat, add culture. After that would be rennet addition, which will coagulate the milk, and you let it sit undisturbed so it sets and makes, similar to a pudding, non-liquid form. And at that point, we cut and have curds and whey.” 

Cheese-making is a very labor-intensive physical job. It’s a tangible activity. Cheesemakers work with their hands. 


From that point, they are beginning the process called cheddaring. That’s the process of stacking and flipping the loaves of cheese to form proteins and let the cheese acidify. 

According to the cheesemaker, ‘that’s the big step, that’s really what adds a lot of the traits of our Flagship. They’re fairly heavy, but it’s like anything else. You build the muscles with repetition. And it’s a good workout. There’s always more to learn.”

The Flagship cheese is a delicious cheese. And that is because of a lot of things. Such as because of the passionate people who make them by hand, because of the recipe, they’ve developed over the years and the details of their recipe.


The final step of cheese making is hooping. They put the cheese into a hoop. In the hoop, it gets pressed into large blocks. 


Then comes the aging process. The aging process is an integral part. The aging process affects texture, moisture, flavor profile. 

Probably, one of the things that makes cheese so impressive is because there are so many different types of cheese. And the type depends so much on the person, the situation, etc. 

How Harvest Moon cheese is made?

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Alan Glustoff is a cheese farmer. He bought a farm so that he can make cheese. According to Alan the better the milk, the better the cheese. According to him, you want cows that are happy.

They use raw milk to make cheese for many reasons. When you eat raw milk cheese, you pick up more of the flavors. It depends on what the cows were eating, If the cows especially if they’re allowed to eat outside. 

What makes this cheese unique compared to other cheeses is the color. It has natural annatto, which is a natural coloring that gives it that bright color. This color makes the cheese almost like something from outer space like the moon. 

Just like other cheese, Alan follows the basic steps to make this cheese. But what makes this cheese different from other cheese? 

According to Allan, “I think what humans can bring to making cheese is that sense of the moment. We do follow a strict formula, but your eyes and your hands and your senses will tell you that despite what you’re supposed to do, maybe you stir it for an extra couple of minutes because of the way it feels. You want the right texture.”

There are wonderful things that can be done with robots, but there are certain human emotions. They can affect food or anything else you do in a positive way. 

Once you make this cheese, there’s a long waiting period during the aging process. The aging process takes from six months to a year. So you have to have a lot of patience when making this cheese.

They got an excuse to build a below-ground cave for this cheese. When the cheese is in the underground cheese cave, the cultures are still reacting. The cheese can just sit and they just develop this rind based on the different strains of bacteria in the air.   

When they are making these cheeses they do their best to give it the right environment to thrive. But, you have to try and keep the air clean. What the cheese picks up to create the mold adds another level to the flavor and also the texture because it’s a high humidity environment. That’s a drying process that takes a long time.

Keeping them in the cheese cave for a year lets it develop to its truest potential. And these cheesemakers are always trying to improve the taste and quality of this cheese.             

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