Little Kitten found in a garbage bag finally found a foster home

Even though there are many people who love pets, there are some people in this cruel world who throw out pets to die on the streets. John Kase and William Montero work in the NYC Department of sanitation. They found a kitten in a trash bag, while they were on their job in Queens. 

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#1. Two workers found a kitten in a garbage bag

It’s been an unbelievable event for both workers. One worker has over 18 years of experience in this job, even to him this event is a surprise. Who would have done such a thing? Putting a little kitten in a garbage bag. He said that there are a bunch of different places that people can get help for a cat with a better life than put them in a bag, tie it up, and tape around the top. So anyone can understand that this action is intentional. 

#2. While throwing the bags into the truck they found this kitten

While they were throwing bags into the truck they heard this kittens’ sound and when they looked inside the bag they found this kitten. So they make sure to look in the other bags too hoping they’d find more kittens. But they haven’t found any. They took the kitten with them. They had to remove a piece of gunk from this kitten’s eyes. Then one worker took the kitten against his chest and comforted him. After dwelling between the names Rust and Hopper, finally, they decided to call him Hooper. 

#3. Hopper is a nickname for the back of the truck, they decided to name the kitten Hopper.

#4 Hopper was gifted with a cat bed as a gift 

When the two workers found the kitten, they asked their supervisor to take the kitten to the vet and then they continued their work. The kitten was taken to the vet and found out that he is about 10 weeks old. Also, the vet discovered that he was infected in the eye and in the upper respiratory. Then they took him to Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue. So Hopper got a foster home until he found a permanent home. Also, the workers game Hopper a cat bed and few supplies before they leave him in the animal rescue.  


Founder of the Noah’s Ark Rescue, Denise Hock had also spoken about this. He said that some people are just disgusting. He said, what would go through someone’s mind to tie a cat in a bag and kill it? If you don’t want it, call someone. Take it to a precinct. That there are so many shelters. Also, he said that he can’t understand why someone would do something horrible like that. 


#7 Now Hopper is safe in his foster home and recovering. 

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