This stray cat gets a new home so that she can have her babies

Stories like this restore the faith in all good in the world even though the world might seem to be in a cold place right now. 

Ida Floreak is a painter from New Orleans. She found out that a cat was visiting her cat daily. This cat friendship developed over time and this can become a close friend of Floreak’s cat who shared meals and played with. 

As time went by Ida noticed that this cat was pregnant and that’s the cause of this behavior. So he empathized with that cat and let it come and have food in her place. One day, the cat showed up earlier than before around 5 in the morning. That is way earlier than the cat usually visits her home. So Ida let the cat stay in her house and later around mid-day, this cat gave birth to her babies. 

She gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens. Now they are all adopted in loving homes. Ida adopted the cat mother and named her “Salami”. You can see Salami’s photos below. What do you think about this story? Share your thoughts in the comment section.   

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