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What is CGI? – explanation about the CGI-bin file

What is the CGI-bin file that you found in your c-panel file manager?

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CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. When you are logging into a c-panel for the first time, you’ll notice a folder in your public_html or in your website folder, called ‘cgi-bin’. You might wonder what is this folder? why is it there initially? CGI is the most basic of terms that the webserver communicated information to a CGI program. Then the cgi-bin folder is where you will store the scripts such as Perl(.pl) that your website will use.

If I further clarify this, CGI is the process for scripts to communicate with your hosting server. And the folder for CGI scripts is what we call the ‘cgi-bin’. This folder is created in the directory root of your website and where your scripts are permitted to run or execute. As mentioned above it can store scripts such as Perl(.pl) which you use on your website.

What is the purpose of CGI?

Technically, CGI improves the visualization of your website. Especially, e-commerce websites use CGI scripts. It will provide visitors with great visual content. And it will help them understand your product. also ultimately it helps to turn a visitor into a customer. Nowadays, CGI is used extensively for marketing, virtual reality, architecture, and even artistic purposes. So I think now you can understand how useful and advantageous. CGI is for a simple website to achieve that 3D look or realistic effects on online visitors.

What is the purpose of the CGI-bin folder?

The cgi-bin folder is used to house scripts that will interact with a Web browser to provide functionality for a web page or website.

Where do you find the cgi-bin folder?

In the root directory of your website, when you are logged into your c-panel file manager, you will find the cgi-bin folder.

cgi-bin folder

Can you delete the cgi-bin folder?

As it is located in the root directory of your website. If there are no scripts stored in the folder, you can delete the folder. It won’t be a problem for your website. But if there are scripts in that folder it might affect the functionalities of your website. So it will be better if you leave it there. But if you delete the folder and later found out that your website does need the scripts. You can recreate the folder again and store the scripts in that cgi-bin folder.

What if you are using a CMS like WordPress?

If you are using cms like WordPress, This folder might not use for you. Because most of the website functionality is installed using plugins.

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