amazing yellow penguin

Belgian photographer managed to capture an amazing yellow penguin

A wildlife photographer got lucky enough to capture an amazing event that never seen before. This is another wonderful event in that nature shows its art of creation. This is something that never-seen-before. And this Beligina photographer managed to capture this amazing moment.

More info & image credits: Yves Adams

Yves Adams is a wildlife photographer and an expedition guide. He stumbled upon this amazing creature on one of his expeditions in the South Atlantic. It is a “Yellow Penguin”!.

He was amazed by this sighting and managed to get couple of photographs of this penguin. This animal was with it’s colony of 100,000 other penguins. But it was the only yellow penguin among those penguins.

amazing yellow penguin

Yves checked and researched about this sighting on his arrival and found out that this is a rare pigment mutation. This condition is known as ‘Leucism’. It is a very rare condition that only 1 in 12,000 – 14,000 gets this mutation. And Yves managed to capture this rare mutant penguin properly for the first time.

amazing yellow penguin

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