Special Olympics World Champion Gymnast Starts Fashion Modeling And She is Amazing

Despite the disabilities we have, If we have the willpower and the determination to get success it is possible to do so. Chelsea Warner has proved that. She is a girl with Down’s Syndrome. She had been the special Olympics gymnastics champion two times. Now she changed her career into modeling. “Teen Vogue” has featured her on their cover. And she gets to walk in the New York Fashion Week too. 

More info and Photo courtesy: Chelsea Warner


She managed to change people’s perception of Down’s Syndrome by her hard work and talent as she always wanted. Her parents were informed by the doctors that she has low muscle tone and there’s nothing much that can be done about it when she was born. But she had started walking when she was 2 years old. She tried different sports when she was 8 years old. Then finally she got into gymnastics where she became excellent. 


It was not an easy path for her. But her determination and hard work finally made it possible. She gets to represent America at the first Down’s Syndrome International World Championship after she was recognized by the special gymnastics circuit. She became two times world champion. She had entered into fashion modeling after her 4th US National Championship. 



She said to Forbes while speaking about her getting into fashion modeling, even though she had been at the top Gymnastics World for probably ten years and she still enjoys it, it’s not her entire life. She discovered that she really loves modeling when she got great modeling opportunities through her gymnastics. She entered the fashion industry when it was quite down, and she has a huge part in the change in the industry. Lisa, Chelsea’s mother is very happy about the change in mentalities. 



When it comes to models with disabilities it is pretty rare. In modeling, diversity is usually considered racial or plus-size models. But now it is becoming more diverse. A large segment of today’s population has some form of disability. They also deserved to be represented. 


Chelsea said that she thinks it is hard for all models. She never gave up even though she had a lot of challenges in her life. She has a good team behind her and a lot of people rooting for her. She doesn’t see things as limitations and she is a very positive person. She works very hard and she is pretty stubborn. The way her parents have raised her makes her feel good about herself. 



Chelsea has been featured in ‘Teen Vogue’. She got to walk in the New York Fashion Week. And also she got to travel across for brand campaigns since 2016. Chelsea said that she loves being in front of the camera and that’s how she got the nickname “Showtime”. Whenever she is in front of a camera or an audience she is at her best. She also loves to travel. Her first modeling job was for M&M. she traveled to Havana, Cuba to film it. 


Many people out in the world with difficulties are happy about her because despite her disability she worked hard and made a name in the industry. Many people have even given her gratitude for her work and for the impact she made in the world. She said that she loves it while talking about how she feels about all of this. Many times she heard it from parents from young children. It makes her very happy and proud if she can help to give someone hope.  

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