The truth behind “Mukbang” eating shows.

Have you heard of Mukbang before? Mukbang is becoming a very popular trend, especially on YouTube and now on Instagram as well. A lot of Koreans, Indians, Americans, and people from various countries are into this Mukbang trend. Also, they have taken this as an opportunity to show their endemic food to the world.

How did Mukbang start and why?

The eating broadcast also known as Mukbang started in 2010 in South Korea. And it usually was a live stream video where the host eats and chews with ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response). The inspiration behind the Mukbang trend is that a lot of Koreans love to watch Korean pop stars eat on TV shows. Do you think it’s weird to watch someone eat?

What is “ASMR”?

ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response), also called “brain massage” is the sensation that occurs when watching a stimulating video involving many objects or activities. Many people would think If ASMR is bad for health, although it is not harmful at all, it creates Oxytocin which gives pleasant feelings and tingles which helps people to calm them down, also it supports people with depression, anxiety and helps to reduce insomnia.

What if we tell you that the Mukbang is now a large digital industry as well as there are Mukbang celebrities?

The industry has begun with very few and now there are over 100 mukbangers on YouTube and they have become celebrities with millions of YouTube and social media fan bases.

We listed out a few of the most popular mukbangers rated by their beloved mukbang fans globally.

  1. Dorothy
  2. Stephany Soo
  3. SAS – ASMR
  4. Yuha Kinoshita
  5. Keemi
  6. HyuneeEats
  7. Eat with Boki
  8. Maddyeats
  9. Veronica Wang
  10. Nado
  11. Bloveslife
  12. Peggie Neo

What kind of food mukbangers showcase when eating?

Most of the mukbangers showcase their country’s food to introduce their culture to the world nevertheless they share their recipes with their fans to try out and experience the food they eat in broadcasts.
Mukbangers believe the food to be attractive to showcase hence they focus on the color of the food and the dressing style of the food. Also, some mukbangers try out different challenges to entertain their fan base, such as trying out extremely spicy food, fast eating challenges, Big bite challenges, Big potion challenges, etc.

Are mukbangers showing a fake life?

Mukbang fans are very keen to know how mukbangers eat too much food at once and still maintain their bodies. Are they trained to eat? Are they throwing up after they eat? Are they really eating these big potions every day in their lives? Wouldn’t they experience any health imbalances as a result of eating too much? These are the most popular and common concerns of the Mukbang fans. The truth is differing from one and another because there are incidents recorded that some of the mukbangers are experiencing health issues such as uncontrollable weight gains, emotional issues, and many more while some of the mukbangers use tricks to prevent those situations, as example throwing up, fasting before the broadcast, exercising, walking miles, Drinking water as much as they can, etc. Mukbangers do not show a fake life they are using their creativity just to entertain people sometimes as their hobby or their carrier.

What you should know before you start Mukbang?

While the whole world is digitizing, people are also getting evolved with creative ideas. They make a huge amount of money just for being creative and doing what they love to do. If you are also interested in doing Mukbang in the future, you should know that the industry is getting more competitive day by day as well as you should know how creative you can be to tackle your own fan base. What kind of food would people like to watch you eat? And most importantly your health is what you should concerned at the first place because “not only do we need food to survive but also too much food can harm us in serious ways.”

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