These Sand Sculptures Looks Like They have Life

Art can be presented in many mediums. Based on the talent of the artist anything or any medium can be turned into a beautiful art.

Andoni Bastarrika is that kind of a talented artist. He uses beach sand as his medium to deliver his art. He creates surreal sculptures of animals as he likes to connect with elements of the natural world. So below you can see his amazing work and how realistic they are. You can see how he gave life to beach sand.

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Andoni Bastarrika

In 2010 Andoni went for a walk with his two daughters on a summer day. He sculpted a beautiful mermaid using sand with his daughters. It made him realize that he had a talent for sand sculpting. Ever since he kept sand sculpting and developed his talent over the decade.


Andoni Bastarrika

Andoni is fascinated by how nature works. The combination of sand bits have to be held together and to be shaped into something magnificent. Also, eventually the sand dries up the humidity and takes back the sculpture down, and return to the general formation as sand on the beach.


Andoni Bastarrika

Actually, the way that sand works teach us a big message on how we can unite to create something beautiful rather than laying around to be meaningless and nothing. He believes that rather than humans, animals have a free spirit and that’s something that humans can look up to. That’s the reason he sculpts animal figures.


Andoni Bastarrika

The nudity of the animals are forever in their existence. They do not try to cover their bodies into clothing to be adaptable. They embrace their true form, with power, freedom and life itself. They are not prisoners of a concept that dictates in worrying about their appearance. The freedom that their spirits have and the true form that they live in, gives people something to self-reflect about ourselves.


Andoni Bastarrika

He uses natural tools such as sharpened sticks, feathers, stones, and wood to create his amazing art. More than 95% of his art is sea sand. This type of art is not easy to create. It takes patience and concentration to create these sculptures out of the sand. Andoni takes time to finish a sand art. Small sculptures such as dogs and cats take about 2 to 4 hours but a big sculpture can take around 2 days to create.



































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