Why Cuban Cigars Are So Expensive?

Cuban cigars are known as the world’s most opulent tobacco product. It cost thousands of dollars for a box of good quality Habanos. From seed to cigar, each and every hand-rolled Cuban cigar goes through about 500 manual tasks. But cigars made in other countries such as in the Caribbean and Central America have become comparable inconsistency, cost, and quality over the last 25 years. But still, the worst thing is for American smokers, Cuban cigars could be fake. According to some experts, up to 95% of all Cuban cigars in the US are actually counterfeit.  

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Why Cuban cigars are so desirable? 

This is one of the reasons that became Cuban cigars so expensive. The culture of cigar making in Cuba hasn’t changed for more than 200 years. Tobacco leaves go through a process that takes about a year. First tobacco leaves are grown, then harvested, and hung in dying houses called Scaderos. Then they grow through a slow fermentation that enhances flavor, aroma, and burning characteristics. Each and every tobacco leaf is inspected for its quality, appearance, and type and then handed to a Torcedor. A Torcedor is a highly skilled cigar roller. And a greatly respected person in Cuban society. 

Pinar del Rio is the heart of Cuban cigar production. It is in the westernmost province of the island. 70% of the premium cigar tobacco used by state-run cigar companies grew in this area. Cuban tobacco growers claim that the region’s terroir and the unique environmental factors are the fundamental influence on the quality of tobacco. 

Some cigar connoisseurs argue that cigars from countries like the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, which the industry calls new world cigars, have become more reliable and desirable in the market. 

Mitchell is an expert in vintage Habanos. Despite the flaws in quality control, Mitchell still prefers Cuban cigars. 

Mitchell says, “I would say I smoke 8 Havana cigars to 2 new world cigars, and I absolutely adore Havana cigars. However, I very much appreciate New world cigars as well. It’s nice to mix it up because it really isn’t better, there’s the only difference. So, you know, it’s not a case of ‘Cuban cigars are the best.’ there’re the best for me. They’re the best for a lot of people. But 40% of our customers, the best is New World for them. So it’s just personal preference.”

Price of Cuban cigars 

There are a few fundamental factors that determine the price of all cigars in addition to the quality. 

The size 

The size of a cigar is measured in both length and diameter. Generally the larger the cigar, the more expensive it is.    

The Vitola 

Vitola is when differently shaped cigars which take extra time and consideration when rolling.

The age 

When a cigar is aged longer, the depth of flavor and aroma intensify. And it will become more precious. 

The Branding 

It is the most important thing when it comes to the price of a cigar. So a cigar from a reputed good brand will cost more than other cigars. 


Habanos is the corporation that controls the worldwide commercialization of all Habanos cigar brands. It is part-owned by the Cuban government. Even though not every Cuban cigar qualifies as a Habano, all Habano cigars are made in Cuba. For a selection of brands whose cigars it claims are manufactured to the most stringent quality-control standards, a protention of denomination of origin approval is issued by the state-owned company. Also, Habanos only exports to selected companies in each country to protect against counterfeiting. 

The United States is the only nation it does not sell. Because it is not allowed to import Cuban cigars since the 1962 embargo actioned by President John F.Kennedy. He ordered his press secretary to buy over 1,000 Cuban cigars hours before signing the decree banning all Cuban products from the United States. Because of the ban, the desire for authentic Cuban cigars increased for American smokers, and also it created a booming black market for smuggled and counterfeit cigars. 

Even though the US is the only country that cannot legally import Cuban cigars, it is still the top cigar-consuming country, by a considerable margin. In the last 20 years, the cigar industry has grown substantially worldwide. According to research, it is predicted that the market would reach $21 billion by 2025. But there is a question about Cuba’s supply capabilities, and that issue made even worst because of the global pandemic. 

Consumption, tast,e, and enjoyment are subjective. It is reasonable to say that the allure of Cuban cigars is somewhat based on prestige, considering its depiction as a status symbol in society for over a century. In recent years, all premium cigar varieties have become uniformly priced, although high prices are fetched for some Habanos, particularly were outlawed in the United States. Some connoisseurs will insist that the most authentic smoke comes only from Cuban cigars, despite an increased appetite for cigars from other countries. 

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